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Debit Card

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Debit Card Safety “And how are you paying for your purchases today?”  It’s a question we have to answer almost every day. Will you be using cash, a credit card or a debit card?  It may be instinct for you to pull out any piece of plastic without thinking, but your random card of choice might not be the safest way to pay. Sometimes, you’ll want to use a credit card. And sometimes,  its a better idea to pay with a debit card. Still other times, you’re best off using cash.  Let’s explore when and how to use your debit card.  Credit and debit: How are they different?  They’re both plastic, with a series of numbers, a security code and your name...

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15 Incredible Grilling Hacks   Nothing says “summer coming” like the mouthwatering smell of a flaming barbecue blowing through the neighborhood. Whether you churn out the best burgers on the block from a modest charcoal grill or your Weber’s been squatting on your deck all winter, we’ve got you covered! Here’s 15 genius grilling hacks that will take your  ‘cue to the next level.  1. Use a muffin tray for condiments This grilling season, skip the condiment chaos by keeping all your barbecue trimmings in one neat place: a muffin tray! The 12 sections are perfectly suited for housing your ketchup, mustard, relish, BBQ sauces, pickles, tomatoes and...

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Grab and What to Skip

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What To Grab And What To Skip In June   June is the month of sun-kissed beaches, dripping ice cream cones, backyard BBQs … and spectacular sales.  There’s lots to celebrate this month, but June sales aren’t just for “dads and grads.” If you know what to look for, you can find great deals on all kinds of stuff during the first month of summer. Use this handy list to see what to grab and what to skip this June.  Grab it: Swimwear & lingerie  Thanks to Victoria’s Secret Semi-Annual Sale each June, the first month of summer has always been a great time to stock up on swimwear and lingerie. The boutique has discontinued its swimwear line, but you...

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6 Ways To Turn Your Dream Vacation Into A Reality   You’re sipping a pina colada on a beautiful, white-sanded beach while watching the cerulean waves lap at the shoreline. You might be pulling muscles and riding high on adrenaline while scaling Mount Greylock, up in Massachusetts. Or, maybe you’re browsing a charming shop in a European city filled with exotic culture and cuisine.  Everyone has a dream vacation. For those with limited funds, though, the vision never gets a chance to become a reality.  We’re here to help you change all that. Read on for six ways to make your dream vacation happen.   1.) Start saving  Between airfare, lodging, food costs...

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Financial Self Defense

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Beware Social Media Scams!   The social media explosion has forever changed the way we interact with one another. In fact, everyone knows that a vacation, a dinner out or child’s milestone never really happened unless you post it on Facebook or Instagram. But what most people don’t realize is that the advent of social media has generated its own brand of scams. And they’re as nefarious as they are widespread. Over the last few years, the numbers of social media scams have multiplied exponentially, with fake Facebook and Twitter accounts jumping by a full 100% in just a year. There are several types of social media scams, but most involve some kind of...

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Mother’s Day

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Saving On Mother’s Day   Q: I love showing Mom how much she means to me, but with the money spent on a pricey bouquet, a nice gift and dinner out, I’m looking at an awful lot of spending! Is there any way to give Mom a Mother’s Day to remember without it costing a small fortune? A: If you find yourself overspending on Mother’s Day, you’re not alone. The average American will spend close to $200 this month, all aimed at making Mom feel special. It’s wonderful to show your love and appreciation, but you don’t need to blow your budget to make that happen. Read on for some low-cost ways to show Mom how much you care. 1.  Give Mom a staycation Give...

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