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Funding An Emergency

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How To Fund An Emergency Apr 6, 2018 | Q&A Q: Help! I’ve been hit with a financial emergency and I don’t know how to pay for it! What are my options? A: Ideally, you’ll want to have an emergency fund in place for this very reason. If you don’t, or the money you have set aside isn’t enough, you have several options to consider.  We’ve listed some ideas below. Be sure to review the pros and cons of each before determining which option(s) will work best for you.  1.) Credit cards  For many people, when faced with staggering and unexpected bills, the default option is to pull out their plastic. Unfortunately, following this trend can put you on the...

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Energy Savings Tips-What to Look For When Buying New Appliances

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Energy Saving Tips – What To Look For When Buying New Appliances   There’s no getting away from the fact that our dependence on energy increases daily. With energy-dependent technology driving our lives, ecologists continue to search for ways to save our environment. Focusing on energy-efficient appliances is one way to do that. Your monthly electric bill may not itemize the specific usage of each appliance in your home. If you are interested in a breakdown, though, you can ask your local electric company for a listing. But about 30% of the charges on your statement stem from your electrical appliances. That’s why the government, as well as the majority...

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Amazon Go

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Will Amazon Go Destroy The Face Of American Retail? You’ve picked up your last item, and you’re ready to check out. But if you thought choosing the right blend of K-cups was a tough decision, that’s nothing compared to the choice you’ll have to make now. Do you go to the aisle with the most carts that has the fastest cashier? Do you take your chances behind the mom with the screaming baby and whiny toddler? Can you squeeze into the “20 Items or Less” aisle (even though you may be one or two items over)? Tough decisions, indeed. That moment of tension might soon go the way of the 8-track and cassette. On Jan. 22, amid much excitement and media...

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What You Need to Know about Government Shutdowns

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What You Need to Know about Government Shutdowns After experiencing a government shutdown for about a half-week, you may have been wondering what longer shutdowns mean for you. Which government offices and agencies stay up and running, and which of them are shuttered until the shutdown ends? Here’s what you need to know about government shutdowns. What is a government shutdown? A government shutdown is an official closure of all nonessential government offices due to a lack of approval of the federal budget for the approaching fiscal year. Approval can only be reached if Congress passes every one of the spending bills related to the federal budget. If no agreement...

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Winter Blues

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Getting Through the Winter Blues Winter brings cozy fires, happy holidays and fun sports like ice skating and skiing. It can also bring some things that are less welcome. With sunshine being scarce, many people get the winter blues. This depressed state is often made worse by the financial realities of winter, which include higher energy costs and money spent on holiday festivities. Here are some ways to get proactive and beat the blues before they start. Budget for Holiday Spending It might be too late this year, but it is not too early to think about strategies for next year. Consider what you actually have in hand to spend without using credit. Then,...

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Make Your Kid a Money Genius

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  Make Your Kid A Money Genius (Even If You’re Not)    “My child, the entrepreneur.”   Do you fantasize about raising your kids to be financially successful adults? At the very least, all parents want their children to become independent grown-ups who know how to spend responsibly, live within a budget and save for the future.   How do we get there, though? How can we inspire a healthy attitude toward money in our somewhat impulsive and irresponsible children?   Beth Kobliner has the answers. In her book, Make Your Kid a Money Genius, the personal finance expert takes parents on a journey of financial education, showing them...

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