Make Your Kid a Money Genius

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  Make Your Kid A Money Genius (Even If You’re Not)    “My child, the entrepreneur.”   Do you fantasize about raising your kids to be financially successful adults? At the very least, all parents want their children to become independent grown-ups who know how to spend responsibly, live within a budget and save for the future.   How do we get there, though? How can we inspire a healthy attitude toward money in our somewhat impulsive and irresponsible children?   Beth Kobliner has the answers. In her book, Make Your Kid a Money Genius, the personal finance expert takes parents on a journey of financial education, showing them...

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Shop for Fall on a Budget

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How To Shop For Fall On A Budget If you’ve just breathed a sigh of relief because the back-to-school shopping season is behind you, you’ve got another thing coming. The fun is just beginning! Your child may be outfitted for the new school year, but you probably need some warmer autumn clothing for yourself. Now that the leaves are starting to change colors, winter isn’t far behind. With it comes a slew of wardrobe necessities and accessories to purchase, both for yourself and the rest of your family. If the dollar signs dancing before your eyes are looking frighteningly large, you can relax! Read on for six timely money-saving tips this shopping season. 1.)...

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Tomorrow’s Millionaires

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How Low Can You Go? Give Your Child The Grocery Challenge Do you ever feel like all your money goes toward groceries? Out of all the non-fixed expenses a household can have, food costs take the biggest bite out of the average monthly budget. Understandably, trying to trim the family’s grocery bill is an ongoing battle for most of us. Give your kids a leg up on this lifelong skill by challenging them with this fun and educational activity.                    Materials needed:                    Coupon circulars and/or newspapers                    Writing materials                   ...

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Save Money While Vacationing Abroad

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Exploring foreign shores and dining on exotic fare are what make up many dream vacations. But when you suspect a money changer has taken you for a ride or you’ve busted your budget after only two days, it can quickly become a nightmare. Here’s how to get the most for your money while vacationing overseas: 1.) Use credit cards Swiping your plastic while abroad will help you avoid the hassle and uncertainty of exchanging money. Before you board your flight, determine whether your card has a foreign transaction fee. If it does, you’ll need to apply for a new one. Also, make sure your credit card company knows about your travels and won’t flag purchases as fraud....

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What You Need To Know About The Petya Attack

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A massive cyberattack swept through Europe this week, throwing hundreds of businesses into chaos. The attack originated in Kiev, Ukraine, and quickly spread to the Middle East and the United States, affecting businesses, hospitals and financial institutions. Ukraine was hit the hardest, with systems compromised at its central bank, municipal metro, in Kiev’s Boryspil Airport and at the Ukrenergo electricity supplier. Here’s what you need to know about Petya: 1.) What is Petya? Petya is a strain of ransomware. It encrypts the victim’s computer, rendering it unusable unless the victim pays a ransom. Petya demands that $300 be paid to a static Bitcoin address, and...

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Kick Off A Safe And Healthy Summer

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Memorial Day is the traditional start of summer, meaning outdoor time, swimming, picnics and travel. Here are tips to keep your family healthy, happy and far from the ER. Not Looking Forward To Swimsuit Season? If you want to lose weight, says Lisa Lillien of the Hungry Girl website, don’t use crash diets, just make healthy choices. Spend weekend time prepping proteins and veggies. Then for a hot dinner, just throw the ingredients together. Have smart snacks around: jerky, protein bars, nuts, fruit. Eating more often seems counter intuitive, but prevents overeating at mealtime. More about food: At picnics, keep mayonnaise salads cool. Enjoy them straight from the...

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