Loan Rates

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Effective Date:  12/16/2016
Secured Consumer Loans:  Autos, Trucks, Boats, Motorcycles, RVs 
Maximum Term Payment Description APR as low as
96 months Payment of 12.71 per thousand 5.09%*†
84 months Payment of 13.72 per thousand 4.09%*†
72 months Payment of 15.24 per thousand 3.09%*†
60 months Payment of 17.79 per thousand 2.59%*†
48 months Payment of 21.96 per thousand 2.59%*†
36 months Payment of 28.69 per thousand 2.09%*†
Unsecured Consumer Loans and Non-Title Term Loans
Maximum Term Payment Description APR as low as
48 Months Payment of 24.89 per thousand 8.99%*†
36 Months Payment of 31.34 per thousand 7.99%*†
24 Months Payment of 44.78 per thousand 6.99%*†
12 Months Payment of 86.08 per thousand 5.99%*†
Home Equity Loans

Property must be owner occupied and within Wisconsin.

Payments can be amortized over 360 months.

Please call the Credit Union for more Information (920) 499-4711

Loan to Value Ratio Maximum Term Payment Description APR as low as


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* Rates are subject to change without notification.
† All rates shown are Annual Percentage Rates (APR = Annual Percentage Rate)
** Eligibility: Live or Work in Brown County, WI. All loans subject to approval. Restrictions apply as to term or loan based on collateral offered. New money only. Minimum rate is 2.09%APR (APR = Annual Percentage Rate). Please see or contact a SCCU representative for more details.