STARS Audio Response


Call 877-207-0016 to access our all new audio response banking system.

To create your PIN:

The first time you call, after you enter your account number, the system will ask you to create a PIN.

To do this you will enter your full Social Security number followed by the pound (#) sign.

Next, you will enter your new 4-digit PIN followed by the pound (#) sign. This PIN should be personal enough so that only the you will know it but still easy for to remember. The PIN may not be any part of your Social Security number.

You will then be asked to re-enter the PIN followed by the pound (#) sign. This is to ensure that you created the desired PIN number, so you will be able to login successfully in the future.

The STARS main menu:

Press 1 For Account Information
Press 2 To Transfer Funds
Press 3 For Tax Information
Press 4 For General Credit Union Information (such as hours, location, and contact information)
Press 5 To Change Your Pin

To access account information:

Press 1 on the main menu. The system will ask what type of account you are calling about:

Press 1 For Checking / Share Draft
Press 2 For Savings / Shares
Press 3 For Loan

Next, the system will ask for your account number. Enter the first part of your account number followed by the pound (#) sign.

Then you will be asked to enter your 4-digit PIN number followed by the pound (#) sign. 

At this point, the balance for the selected acount will be played, followed by a menu of options for accessing your transaction history.

To transfer funds:

Press 2 on the main menu. The system will ask what type of transfer you want to do:

Press 1 From Checking to Checking
Press 2 From Checking to Savings
Press 3 From Savings to Savings
Press 4 From Savings to Checking
Press 5 Loan payment from Checking
Press 6 Loan payment from Savings

The following prompts will allow you enter the “From” and “To” account number as well as the amount to be transferrred.

When entering the amount the last 2 digits you enter will be counted as cents. So 100 will represent $1.00.